Primary Overview

In the Primary School, we are committed to implementing our school vision of Educating for Eternity through GROWTH. Our ambition is to support student progress and guide them towards a personal relationship with Christ.

Being a small school where students know every teacher, close and caring relationships are formed, enabling careful monitoring of student progress. Regular goal setting and Three Way Conferencing are held. Each term students progress is assessed. We ensure that the support we give students encourages them to reach high expectations and achieve their mindividual goals.

Close and caring relationships are formed

Preparing our students for future learning is of utmost importance, not only beyond Primary but also for life in the promised eternity with our Lord. The Primary School models Biblical principles in the classroom, where our wonderful team of dedicated Christian teachers reflect the character of God in every learning intention.

Throughout the year we provide opportunities that enhance and enrich as well as encourage the development of a Christ like character. Our many highlights include:

  • A picnic on the lawn Information Evening
  • Visiting our local Churches and leading out in the Church Services
  • Biannual Book Fair
  • Annual Visits and performance at local Retirement Homes
  • Support is provided by our efficient Learning Support Team for students who may need additional assistance in the core subjects.

A pivotal part of our Primary programme is engaging and involving parents in students learning. Parents are invited to attend the Three Way Conferences and also contribute to students progress and Goal-setting.

Our Location

Our Difference

- A Christian school where God comes first
- Christian values are taught and encouraged
- Caring family environment
- Student success, achievement and priority
- Small classes allowing more individual attention

Contact Details

15 Grants Road
Christchurch , New Zealand

P: (03) 352 9173
F: (03) 352 3470