Holistic Education

Early Education

The Adventist Preschool (Footsteps Christian Community Preschool) is conveniently located next door, meaning that on campus your child can receive quality Christian educataion from age 2 right through till they are 18 years old. The Christchurch renowned Preschool and its excellent staff provide quality Christian teaching and learning to children ages 2-5.


Christchurch Adventist School students are offered an extensive range of sporting opportunities in both Primary and Secondary School. These opportunities have led to representation on a local, national and international level for students who excel in their chosen field of expertise. Weekly interschool programmes and lunchtime sports competitions are highlights for many students.


CAS is eqipped with an advanced MAC Computer Suite complete with modern education software and programmes, this immerses students in technology and prepares them for the fast progressing world of I.T. The schools technology programme (including Food Technology, Hard Metals Technologies) addresses the creative needs of students while providing the full curriculum load of the subjects.

Special Character

Students are taught Biblical values which are interwoven into the curriculum and all areas of the school. The special character of the school underpins everything the school does. Students are challenged to grow spiritually and taught how to do this through Christian Living classes, Weekly Chapel programmes, service projects, Teen fellowship, Kids Church programmes, and the annual 'Week of Worship' - a highlight of the year for many students.

School Environment

CAS provides a range of extracurricular activities for students and families to get involved in. The caring, family-like environment provides students with encouragement, support and allows them to get to know their teachers and classmates in a safe, comfortable atmosphere. The pastoral care of staff, students, families and the school community is an area the school prides itself on.

Learning Support

The Learning Support Department supports students who are English Language Learners, show attributes of high achievement or giftedness or need extra support in any particular area. These students are catered for in withdrawal groups or in-class support by experienced specialist staff, teaching assistants and outside agencies. Each child is special at CAS and the staff aim to celebrate that by identifying and fostering unique strengths and abilities of each student.

Our Location

Our Difference

- A Christian school where God comes first
- Christian values are taught and encouraged
- Caring family environment
- Student success, achievement and priority
- Small classes allowing more individual attention

Contact Details

15 Grants Road
Christchurch , New Zealand

P: (03) 352 9173
F: (03) 352 3470