Academic Achievement

At CAS, students receive a quality educational experience and are encouraged to achieve at high academic levels. This is achieved by Christchurch Adventist School’s quality Christian teaching, class sizes, and the academic programme. Students are taught Biblical values which are interwoven into the curriculum and all areas of the school.

CAS Teachers are committed, knowledgable, genuinely care for students and help them to achieve their potential holistically as well as academically.


At Christchurch Adventist School, primary students are encouraged and supported to develop their potential in a variety of ways.

The National Standards are used to determine if students are achieving in Reading, Writing and Mathematics at their age level and provide a guideline for next steps as students progress. Parents and caregivers are informed of their child’s progress in writing at mid-year and end of year. There are also two student led Three Way Conferences involving students, parents and caregivers, and teachers to further inform parents and caregivers about their student’s learning journey.

We use a Christian curriculum called ‘Interact’ that provides a framework for all other essential learning areas like Science and Social Science. Each term is focused around a ‘big God idea’ that we link to Education for Eternity through GROWTH. This ensures that our students engage with God’s purposes as we engage them in learning across the spectrum.

We recognise that our students have many varied interests and competencies and encourage each young person to develop their giftings to the best of their ability whether it be academic, sporting, the arts or cultural knowledge.


2013 ncea ue

CAS 2013 NCEA results show students achieving 100% in Level 1, 2, 3 and University Entrance! These results continue a consistent run of very strong academic results for CAS over many years.

The data shows students who were enrolled and participated in school at Ministry of Education Year Levels.

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Our Difference

- A Christian school where God comes first
- Christian values are taught and encouraged
- Caring family environment
- Student success, achievement and priority
- Small classes allowing more individual attention

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